Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

What is cross connection/backflow prevention?

Cross Connection Control and Backflow prevention are similar in nature and are designed to prevent the contamination or pollution of the water supply. In the United States the Environmental Protection Agency basehor-water1(EPA) tasks local water suppliers with a certain level of responsibility to protect the public water supply from backflow situations. Many states and/or local water suppliers require annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies.

Prevention Measures

Consolidated Water District #1 has a Cross Connection Control and Backflow Policy adopted by the Board of Directors in place to guide prevention measures. The policy evaluates the degree of hazard and recommends specific devices to reduce the potential of the public water supply becoming contaminated. In addition, on all new meters installed the Water District requires a dual check valve be installed in the meter pit. The dual check valve is a simple version of a backflow prevention device that prohibits the flow of water from the customer’s water line back into the public water supply. The installation of this backflow preventer, as well as any backflow preventer, creates a closed water system beyond the backflow prevention device. Contact your plumbing professional for more information on the effects of a closed water system. (Backflow Test Form)

Thermal Expansion

Thermal Expansion is the change in water volume due to the rise in temperature. Thermal expansion occurs when the water heater heats the water in the customer’s pipes and causes it to try to expand. This expansion is often times relieved by the water heater through its temperature and pressure relief valve by dumping water on the floor. As water heaters age, the T&P valve, will at times not work properly thus causing damage to occur in the water heater when the pressure builds beyond the capabilities of the water heater. In new homes, when water heaters are replaced or when your water meter is fitted with a dual check valve, property owners should contact their plumbing professional and inquire about the installation of a thermal expansion tank. This device will allow for expansion of the water in a closed system. If a customer is unsure if they have a closed system they are urged to contact the Water District and a representative will be scheduled to conduct an on site inspection.