basehor-water7How do I pay my bill? 

Consolidated Water District #1 offers the following methods for bill payment:

    • Automatic Bank Withdraw (Please fill out Automatic Payment Authorization)
    • On Line Bill Pay – You can fill out your information to be ready.
    • Check/Money Order  NO CASH ACCPTED
      Drop Box located in our parking lot
      Mail:  PO BOX 419, Basehor, KS 66007
    • By Phone
    • We accept Master Card/Visa/Discover/American Express (a convenience fee is added to the bill)

Payments may be made by mail, in person or over the phone during business hours. A drop box is conveniently located on the front of our office for after hours payments.

Why can’t I pay by bill with cash? 
For security of the office staff we do not keep cash on-site, so we do not have money to make change, and also for the customers protection, a check or money order leaves an audit trail.

 Do we take payments over the phone or credit card payments?
We are now able to take Mastercard and Visa. Please call the office for more information.

How do I know if I have a leak?  
You will probably first notice this because you have received a phone call from our office staff after we have read your meter or after you have received your bill.  Typically the toilet or your water softener is the item leaking.  The primary cause for leaks in toilets is the water in the tank is set to high.  Lower the level one-inch below the top of the overflow pipe to ensure this is not the cause.  The second source of leaks in toilets is a bad flapper in the bottom of the tank.  Place a drop of food coloring in the tank and you see it in the bowl you have a leak. Water softeners can malfunction from time to time and you should consult with a plumber or the manufacturer of your softener for further information.  If you have trouble finding the leak call us we will come out to help you locate it.  Our maintenance technicians are not allowed to enter your home and/or to alter your plumbing.

Where does my water come from?  
We purchase water from two sources.  BPU of Kansas City and Leavenworth Water Works. Both of these supplies draw water from wells along the Missouri River, run the water through their treatment plants, test it, then send it to our system.

What is the water hardness in our district?
The hardness level is considered moderately medium to high.  Set water softener at 17 1/2 to 19 1/2.

Why is my water bill so high this month?  
The number one cause for high water bills is a leaking toilet.  It is a silent leak that cannot be heard.  Check the float in the back of your tank. If too high the water will continually run into the overflow tube. Place food coloring in the back of your tank, wait 15 minutes if any coloring is in the toilet bowl you have a leak.  Check all faucets for drips inside and outside. A dripping faucet can waste up to 3 gallons per day. Water softeners and humidifiers also can cause your bill to increase.

What is an Air Gap?
It is the distance between the line (hose) and the vessel holding the water (tank, pool, etc.). Usually a distance of at least 6″ is recommended.

Why do backflow prevention devices have to be tested annually?
State and Federal regulations require us to prevent contamination of the public water supply; in order to comply with these regulations we require annual test of all backflow devices.

What does my water bill have to do with my sewer bill?
Your sewer bill is based on your December, January, and February water usage. The water department has nothing to do with setting the rate or collecting your payment.

Why are the tops of fire hydrants painted different colors?
All of the hydrants in our system are checked and tested for flow with the different colors representing different flow rates of the hydrants for Fire Department information.

Why is the meter lid painted blue?
Several reasons. The lid is painted blue when it is installed so it is more visible during the construction of the home.  This prevents costly damage to the meter, it is also painted when locates are requested for an area and to make the meter more visible for construction crews working in the area.

Why are there so many blue caps in my yard?
The blue caps are one of the two things, the meter lid and/or lids for valves used to control the flow of water in the event of a water main break.  They are painted blue to make them more visible in the event of a water main break and for construction crews working in the area after they request our water mains be marked to prevent damage.

Who regulates the water district?  
The district is governed by an elected board of directors, who hire a manager who oversees the day to day operation of the district.

Who regulates the water quality of our water?
KDHE, Kansas Water Office, the EPA, and this district require continual monitoring and testing of the water you drink.

What is a Benefit Unit Owner?
A Benefit Unit Owner is what we refer to as the owners of this district, since it is owned by all the patrons who own a meter.  When you purchase a “meter” from the Water District, you become part owner of the District and have the ability to vote for the Board of Directors that represent you.

What is the difference between a rural water district and a city owned water department?
A rural district is owned by all of its patrons, they have a voice in the operation through the election of the board of directors. In a city water department you have no ownership or voice in the operation of the water district.