New Construction and Developments

Residential Connections

Requirements for establishing new service

  • Submit Application for Service
  • Pay appropriate fee for the meter size requested (Current Rate Fee Schedule)
  • Pay road bore fee (if water main is across the street) (Current Rate Fee Schedule)
  • gasehor-water3
  • Extend service line from the building to the street (within 15′ of the driveway)
  • Install valve on the inside of the building (must be done prior to setting the meter)
  • Install an RPZ backflow preventer if installing a lawn irrigation system.

Commercial Connections

Meter Size

  • The minimum size meter for non-residential buildings is one-inch. Any meter three-inch or larger must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Fire Line Connections

  • Submit Utility Plan to the Water District for review and analysis
  • Water District (if approved) will provide a cost estimate for materials / fees for the appropriate size connection requested.

Pay Appropriate Fee

  • Water District will schedule tap of water main and set valve for fire line
  • Water District will inspect fire line during construct and when completed
  • Water District will turn valve on at the water main to establish service to fire line
  • Fire line connections are subject to the provisions of the Design Standards and the Cross Connection and Control Policy

Cross Connection Control

New Developments

basehor-water11Developers should contact the Water District office for information regarding policies of establishing new water service for a development.

  • The Water District does reserve the right to oversize any water main for possible future expansion.
  • The Engineer for the Water District will design the water system within a development as well as any off-site improvements needed
  • The Contractor for the Water District will construct the water system
  • rior to construction of the water main, grading of the area needs to be completed within six inches of the final grade, curbs need to be staked and construction debris needs to be moved
  • The Water District prefers to install casings for street crossings prior to the construction of the streets