Water Emergencies

During non-business hours, Consolidated Water District #1 provides our customers with 24 hour emergency service.

Phone: 913-724-7000   Ext 2

  • basehor-water6To report a water main break:  Please provide the location of the break, your name and contact information.  Our on-call staff will respond to your call.
  • To report a water emergency at your residence or business:  Please provide your address, contact information and nature of the problem.  Service lines from the meter to your house or business are the property owner’s responsibility.The Water District does not offer adjustments to the water bill for leaks past the meter.
  • To report unauthorized use of a fire hydrant: Please provide the location of the incident and your contact information. Unauthorized use of a fire hydrant costs you the customer and if the fire hydrant is damaged.  It has serious safety concerns if the fire hydrant is needed for a fire in your area.
  • Reward The Water District places a high priority on fixing leaks. We are often times not aware of smaller leaks that occur until they become large enough to cause water to run down the street. The Water District will reward the first person to notify the Water District of a leak in our distribution system with a $10.00 check as a token of our appreciation.


  • Place the phone number for the Water District in a place that is convenient for you to find.
  • Know the location of the main shut off valve for the water inside your home/business.
  • Do not attempt to thaw a meter that is frozen. Contact the Water District and we will respond to diagnose and correct the problem at the meter.
  • Have a backup supply of water for use during emergencies.
  • Leave a faucet dripping during extreme cold weather.
  • Ensure your meter lid is flush with the ring and flush with the ground.  This will prevent cold air from entering the meter pit and freezing the meter.  Contact the Water District to have your meter lid checked for a proper fit.

Frequently Asked Questions