Commercial and Development Projects

Commercial and Development Projects

Developers should contact the Water District office for information regarding policies of establishing new water service for a commercial building or development.  913-724-7000

Commercial Buildings

  • All Commercial buildings require a minimum of a 1-inch water meter. 
  • All commercial buildings are subject to the water district Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Policy
  • Plans and specs should be provided to the water district for any commercial building.
  • For fire protection services, see Guide to Fire Service Lines

Development Projects

  • Plans and specs should be provided to the water district for any residential or commercial development.
  • The Engineer for the Water District will design the water system within a development as well as any off-site improvements needed.
  • The Water District reserves the right to oversize any water main for possible future expansion.
  • The Water District will retain a contractor to construct the water system.
  • Prior to construction of the water main, grading of the area needs to be completed within six inches of the final grade, curbs need to be completed and construction debris needs to be moved
  • The Water District prefers to install casings (encasements for road crossings) for street crossings prior to the construction of the streets