Homeowner Responsibilities

Homeowner Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities as a home/business owner?

Home/business owners are responsible for the piping into the home/business and out to the water meter. The water district does not install any of that piping and therefore are not familiar with the type, size or location of the pipes. If a leak occurs in any of the pipes past the water meter, it is the owner’s responsibility to repair the leaks. If a leak occurs, it is the responsibility of the owner to effect repairs as soon as possible to ensure the integrity of the water system and to limit the amount of water lost due to the leak.

The water district does not offer any reductions in the bill due to a leak, however, if you have sustained a leak and need assistance paying your bill, you are encouraged to contact our office at 913-724-7000 and speak to a customer service representative to make payment arrangements.

When will I receive my water bill and when is due?

As the owner of a water meter, customers will receive a water bill around the first of each month. The water bill is then due by the 20th of that month. If you are unable to pay your bill on time, we encourage those customers to contact our office at 913-724-7000 to make payment arrangements.