Lawn Irrigation

Lawn irrigation systems must be protected by a minimum of a Double Check Valve assembly.

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All backflow prevention devices must be tested at least annually. Prior to turning on your lawn irrigation system for the first time or for the season, the backflow prevention assembly must be tested by a certified backflow specialist.

The Water District will mail the necessary Backflow Test Form to our customers in early spring. Customers will be given 30 days to have the backflow preventer tested and the test form returned to the office.

To locate a certified tester contact your plumber or landscape company. The Water District does not recommend individuals or company’s to test backflow prevention devices nor do we offer this service to our customers. The Water District does maintain a list of individuals or company’s that have tested backflow devices in our service area but it is our customer’s responsibility to verify that they are reputable.

Backflow prevention devices are required to have an annual test by a certified backflow specialist.


The Water District does not require the backflow prevention assembly to be located specifically outside or inside. There are numerous considerations on the placement of the backflow preventer. Customers are encouraged to speak with their plumber or landscape professionals about the best placement of their device. If the device is placed outside, the device must be installed 12″ above grade.


Landscaping adds character to any home or business, but please refrain from placing landscaping near the water meter, fire hydrants or valves. Periodically Water District employees need to have access to these important items for preventative maintenance and general repairs. Some of these repairs require digging and covering the water meter or other important items with your landscaping may adversely be affected by this work.