Payment Options

Payment Options

Payment optionsFive convenient methods of making a payment are:

1. On-line (Credit/Debit Card, personal check)
2. By mail (Personal check, Bank check, Money order) NO CASH
3. Over the phone (Credit/Debit Card)
4. Automatic Withdraw (Personal Check)
5. In Person (Credit/Debit Card, personal check, Bank Check, Money order) NO CASH
We have two convenient drop boxes at our office, a drive-up box in the parking lot, and a drop box on the building next to the door.

Payment forms accepted:

1. Debit/Credit card
2. Personal Check
3. Automatic Withdraw
4. Your bank payment service

Billing Policies

• Meters are generally read between the 22nd and 25th of each month. Water bills are sent out by the 1st of each month, and are due upon receipt and become delinquent after the 20th. Water bills not paid by the 21st receive a 10% late charge.

• Water bills not paid 10 days after being delinquent are assessed a $5.00 collection fee and are subject to shut-off.

• If service is terminated, a re-connection charge is added to the total balance due, and must be paid before service can be reconnected.

• If you have not received a water bill by the 5th of the month you should call the office. We are not responsible for lost water bills.