Funny Taste or Smell

Funny Taste or Smell

What do I do if my water has a funny taste or smell and is discolored?

If you are experiencing a funny taste, smell or have discolored water, call us at 913-724-7000.  We need to know when you are experiencing this.

Common causes of taste, smell and discolored water issues are listed below.

1. If you have a water softener, your water softener may be malfunctioning and needs cleaned or repaired by a professional.  Water softeners are notorious for causing taste/odor and discolored water issues.  Most water softener systems are equipped with a by-pass feature.  The by-pass allows you to reroute the water from going through the water softener.  If you by-pass the softener, open all the faucets in your home and flush water from the faucet for 10-15 minutes, this will flush any water in your pipes that had previously gone through your water softener.  If the taste and smell continue, call us, we will be glad to help.

2. There may be a leak or break in our system.  If there is a leak in our system, we will respond immediately to fix the leak and correct any water quality issues.  Please call us at 913-724-7000 to report any breaks/leaks in our water system.  

3. Have we been working in your area?  If we have been working in your area, we could be the cause of the taste/smell issue.  If so, we want to correct that without delay.  Please call us at 913-724-7000.

4. Have you completed in repairs to your water system?  Have you had some plumbing work completed recently, maybe replaced your water heater?  If so, the taste/smell issue could be caused by those repairs.  Flush all of your faucets for 10-15 minutes and that should help, if not, flush some more.