High Bills

High Water Bills

What do I do if I have a high water bill?

High water bills can be caused by many reasons. Some things to check in your home before giving us a call are the following:

1. Do you have a toilet that is malfunctioning.
2. Do you have a water softener that may be malfunctioning.
3. Have you increased your outdoor watering, new sod, just started your irrigation system, planted a garden.
4. Have more people been living in your home than normal.
5. Do you have a wet spot in your yard that might be a potential leak outside.

Numbers 1 and 2 above account for over 90% of all high water bills.

If you can not find the source of your high bill, give us a call. We can view your water usage, hour by hour, to help narrow down when the water was used.

If I have a water leak am I responsible for fixing it?

Yes. The water district does not install the piping to your home past the water meter. If is the property owners responsibility to make repairs to their water system in a timely manner to limit the wasteful consumption of water. Check with your neighbors, friends, family etc… on a reputable plumber or contractor to help you find and fix your leak.

Can the water district help me find the leak?

We can only help you with a list of common places to look for leaks. We can not come in to your home to help find leaks. We recommend you contact a plumber to help locate and fix leaks on your side of the water meter.