1. Who do I call if I have a question about my water bill or any other question?
Call our office during business hours and we will be glad to help. Our phone number is 913-724-7000 or you can email us at admin@crwd1.com.

2. How do I pay my bill?
We offer lots of convenient ways to pay your bill; check, credit/debit card, automatic withdraw. You can use any of these methods on-line, by mail, or in one of two convenient drop boxes at our office. Click here to see more about paying your bill.

3. Can I pay with cash?
No. For the safety of our staff and to create a paper trail for each transaction, we do not accept cash as a form of payment.

4. Can I make a payment over the phone?
Yes. Give us a call at 913-724-7000, during business hours, and we will be glad to help you make a payment.

5. What if I can’t pay my bill on-time?
Please, please, please give us a call. We get it, stuff happens, give us a call so we can work with you.

6. Why does the water district charge a fee to pay on-line?
We don’t. The fee charged to you when paying on-line is from the third-party payment service retained by the water district. This is how they collect money to be able to offer you the ability to pay on-line. The water district does not profit from this fee at all.

7. When is my water bill due?
Water bills are due upon receipt, and are considered late if we have not received your payment by the 20th of each month. You should receive your monthly water bill around the first of every month.

8. Where is your office?
Our office is located at 15520 Crestwood Dr., Basehor, KS 66007.

9. What hours are you open?
Our lobby is open 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday. We do close the lobby from 12:00 – 1:00 for lunch. If you are not able to stop by during those hours, please call our office and we will work hard to make arrangements for you to conduct your business.

10. Why is my bill so high?
If your water bill is higher than normal for your household, give us a call you may have something leaking. We can check your water usage remotely and obtain hour by hour usage and help determine if you have a leak. If you suspect you may have a leak, start with your toilets and your water softener, they are notorious for causing higher than normal water bills.

11. Will my high water bill affect my sewer bill?
First things first, the Water District does not set the rate you pay for your sewer services. Those rates are set by either the City of Basehor or City of Lansing. The water district does provide the cities with your water usage for the months of December, January and February. If you have a high water bill during December, January and/or February, then your sewer bill may be affected. Please call the City of Basehor or City of Lansing to determine their policies on amending your sewer bill in the event of a water leak.

12. If I have a water leak, am I responsible for the repairs?
Yes. Isn’t homeownership wonderful! The water district does not install any water pipes past the water meter, therefore, we do not know what products were used, how they were put together or where they go. If you have a newer home, you may want to contact your builder to determine if they have any of the above information.

13. Do you recommend any companies that can come and fix my leak?
Unfortunately, we do not recommend any companies that fix leaks. There are so many companies that do that sort of work it is nearly impossible to know them all. Ask your neighbors, friends or others you trust to find the right company to help.

14. Will my water rates go up due to all this growth?
No. The new construction pays for itself. Every water meter purchased within our water district contains a fee to help off-set costs of improving our water system to ensure we have enough supply and pressure to deliver to all of our customers. In addition, developers are responsible for paying for the infrastructure needed in their developments.

15. Where does my water come from?
Our water district purchases water from Kansas City, KS Board of Public Utilities and from Leavenworth Waterworks. The water that is pulled from wells near the Missouri river, is treated in state-of-the-art water treatment facilities and pumped to our water district.

16. What is the hardness of my water?
The water provided to you is considered medium to hard. Welcome to the midwest. If you are installing a water softener and need a recommended setting, start with 17-20 and adjust to your liking from there.

17. Am I required to have a backflow device on my irrigation system?
Yes. An RPZ backflow prevention device is required on all irrigation systems in our water district. Backflow prevention devices prevent the flow of water in a reverse direction once it reaches a certain point. These devices are necessary for the protection of you and the public water supply.

18. Do I have to test my backflow device every year?
Yes. All backflow devices in our water district are required to be tested at least once yearly, some more often. Without a yearly test, there is no way to determine if the device is working properly.

19. Why is my water meter lid blue?
The water meter lids are painted blue for many reasons. 1, when the meter is installed, it is painted blue to prevent damage during construction. 2, if we are requested to mark our pipes and valves for many reasons, we will often times paint your water meter lid blue so it is visible for others. The last thing we all want is for a person to not see your water meter and tear it out of the ground. The paint eventually wears off, FYI.

20. Who owns the water district?
You do! As an owner of a water meter in our district, you are part owner of the water district. Congratulations!!! We are governed by a nine-member Board of Directors and managed by a management structure organized by the Board of Directors.

21. Who regulates the water quality of my water?
The water district staff follows all district, state and federal regulations when monitoring your water quality. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) monitors that our staff follow the appropriate regulations on a monthly and annually basis.

22. Is my water safe to drink?
Absolutely!!! Our staff work hard to ensure we are following all regulations to ensure your water is safe for you to consume and use as you wish. If you have any questions, give us a call, we will be glad to discuss it with you.

23. Is my tap water safer than bottled water?
Your tap water is regulated by state and federal regulations and the results of the testing and compliance with those regulations are listed in our annual report provided on our website. Bottled water is regulated by the food and drug administration. Bottled water companies often times use tap water as their source of water. Bottled water companies are not required to publish information about their water.

24. Is the water district a part of the city/county?
No. The water district is an independent entity established by law in the State of Kansas. The water district is one of 300ish rural water districts across the State of Kansas.

25. Where can I find you on social media?
We are on Facebook and Twitter. Give us a follow and a like. We provide important information about water main breaks and other information we think you might find useful.