Prevent Frozen Pipes

Prevent Frozen Pipes

How can I prevent my pipes from freezing?

Before cold weather hits, follow these easy steps to ensure your pipes will not freeze during cold weather.

1. Know the location of your shut off valve inside your home/business in case a pipe breaks. This will allow you to shut the flow of water off to limit any water damage caused by a broken pipe.

2. Place our phone number (913-724-7000) in your phone or in a place you can find it easily. If you experience trouble with your water, give us a call. We can not enter your home to help inside, but we can check the water meter to ensure water is flowing through the water meter.

3. Take a look at your water meter lid. If the lid is broke and missing pieces, or is raised up out of the ground, give us a call and we will make those repairs before the cold winter months settle upon us.

4. If you have a lawn irrigation system, have it drained by a reputable lawn irrigation company to ensure your irrigation piping does not break and cause leaks when you turn the system on in the spring.

5. Insulate pipes that are on an outside wall and near concrete. Pipes on outside walls and near concrete tend to freeze first and cause the most problems.

6. Let a faucet drip during extreme cold temperatures. Locate a faucet or two in your home that is the farthest away from where the water enters your home and let it drip.

7. Open those cabinet doors and let the warm air in to circulate around the pipes.

8. If your pipes freeze inside your home, do not use open flames to thaw the pipes. Use a hair dryer on a hot setting.